BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy: Blog en-us (C) BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy (BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:31:00 GMT BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy: Blog 120 120 CHAMP TIL THE END BlkAGRaFiXxX Photography Three days ago I got a call from a close brother of mine who invited me to a boxing match.  I was surprised to hear the suggestion alone because we've never gone to any sports event and we've known each other over 18 years.  When I was younger, I've been on several teams, Football, Soccer, Swimming, Baseball yet, I've never liked watching.  I'd be at the park all day, but you'd never catch me just hanging out watching a game on television.  I guess since he knows this about me, he never suggested it.  However; one of the boxers happened to be one of my other brothers sun Ibaheim King who was fighting Delen Parsley. I quickly agreed, got off the phone and  went and prepared my gear for the event.  You never want to be on set unprepared.

I took the train to Atlantic train station in Brooklyn to meet up with everyone going.  There were five of us.  We headed uptown to the Roseland Ballroom and waited for a while to get our tickets.  Mind you, this was the first time I've been to a boxing match so I'm like the second hand on a perfectly tuned clock spinning around watching everything.  There were boxers, photographers, family, fans and an array of people who filled up the well lit lobby.  We got our tickets and walked into the arena.  We were quickly directed by an usher to our V.I.P. seats.  As we walked to our seats, I started pulling out my gear and looking for a good spot to get my shots.

My first stop was on the left side of the ring, however I found myself getting bad shots because of the lighting.  The lighting was also odd in that it was tricking my camera.  Before the ring, all was dark, however when in the ring, it was extremely bright.  My shots were well in focus, however the exposure was off.  

  "This is a point to all you up and coming photographers; always recommend shooting in manual.  If I had my focus and camera in autofocus, I wouldn't have been able to pull off the shots that I got.  My camera is always in manual mode and now my lens was too.  I speed up my shutter speed and set my flash to high out put, TTL exposure.  That allowed me to speed up how quickly I was able to the picture and at the same time get enough light.  I do need better lens, however as an artist & a problem solver, you work with what you have to make it happen."

I began to scan the stage and was directed by one of my brothers to go to the right side.  I got a good spot and began snapping away.  Hearing the sounds of a punch hitting a body, the moan when hit, watching the passion and seeing the sweat fly off of the Pink Cancer supporting gloves made the sport all that more real.  It was a great experience seeing two people who want the same thing go at it.  There were seven fights scheduled for the night and this was the first.  We watched two more fights before leaving.  At the end of the fight, it was great to be able to finally I say I've had the experience to watch a boxing match live and most of all I got to shoot it!  I also got a chance to meet Ibaheim and although he didn't win, congratulate him on a good fight.



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I was invited to shoot a fashion show for Floss Magazine.  As all fashion shows, it is always a great way to socialize, network and simultaneously get the the job done.  As usual, models come up to me, we exchange business cards, possibly take a shot or two and then that's it!  I usually never hear from them again.  It's odd to me because, I'd normally assume an aspiring model would want their images, confusing enough, that is what I have become accustomed to.  I have images for days of models who have never even seen them.  In my mind, photographers and models should be best  I give my business out for a reason

On this particular day, I came across much of the same behavior, however; one person stood out to me, Prakash Patil.  His demeanor was a mixture of mild mannerism, passive yet aggressive.  A go getter.  He asked me to take a few shots of him and as usual I didn't mind.  I took the shot, we spoke for a while, exchanged business cards as we parted.  The difference about this model was that when I got home, I had an email waiting for me with his information as well as a picture attached so that I would remember him.  Professional as they come if you ask me.  Although I was there shooting for Floss magazine and that I normally don't do this, I decided to give him his images free of charge since he went through the trouble contacting me so promptly.  A reward for doing the right thing I suppose.

This to me is how it should be for an aspiring model who serious about their craft.  Passion moves them and others feel it and want to aide them succeed.  I say to many of the models I have come across, take heed, good examples are all around us.  Learn from it and keep it moving.




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RESPECT MY CRAFT! As a photographer, I've always loved to take pictures.  It was more nostalgia then anything I think that nurtured my motivation to continue pulling out my cam at any given moment and taking that shot.  It was always pure excitement on the way to the store to see what type of images I had taken from the previous week. This was obviously before the digital age and  sometimes, because I couldn't afford to pay for film developing I had to wait weeks at the chance of seeing the film and I would forget about some of the images I took, so when I finally saw them, it was a great surprise.  It was a world of it's own for me.  I found myself looking at images with a more intense eye then a lot of my friends of whom I had takin were pictures of.  It was fun, stress free and it also helped to relieve my stress, it was a get away.

Today, as a professional photographer, I have the same love yet its a profession.  I'm always in the mood to catch an interesting image, however being a professional, I understand these images aren't always for me.  Sometimes I am working for client and images need to represent what they want to see and I respect that.  Professional also implies business which implies capitol.  It seems that many people I have come across however are always trying to minimize the work that photographers have to go through and try and get us to work for free.  I have so many examples of people trying to be slick and getting over such as; inviting you to a party and at the end of the conversation, "BRING YOUR CAMERA" or making statements like, "IT'S JUST PICTURES".  I always wondered, if they are "Just Pictures", why don't you take them??

It is a highly confusing misconception that a camera takes a good picture.  It is the photographer my friends, not the camera, the camera is simply a tool.  I have seen $5000 DSLR camera's in plenty of so called photographers hands and they know not how to use them and they are unhappy with their images.  I remember a friend of mine who purchased a DSLR one year and had it for a bout 2months before he decided to contact me and admit he didn't know how to use it.  Would you have let him shoot your wedding? LoL!  What good is a Cab driver who can't drive or a doctor who doesn't know medicine??  I guess the old cliche stands true, "You get what you pay for."

Like I said, I love taking beautiful images, however I refuse to "work" for free, if that were the case, I'd shoot simply for myself.  Like the sign says, I have bills like the next person.  I've come in contact with models who always want free photo shoots.  They claim they want to be in the fashion industry, yet they are unwilling to invest in their own craft.  Models, free images aren't the best and when agencies look at the worth of your image, it devalues your worth in their eyes.  If you don't invest in your self, no one will!  Party promoters who invite you to their show to take pictures who don't pay you and have the nerve to want to charge at the door.  Designers who want you to shoot for free while they collect income from the model or agency.  Friends who want you to give them professional shoots just because your friends.  I ask, if you were a doctor and my friend and I needed an operation for free, would you give it to me?  I don't think people understand what it is to take a "quality" image and as a photographer, that is what I strive to do.  A good photographer does not just snap the shutter button and magically create a beautiful image.  It takes work, skill and talent!

The person in front of my lens doesn't understand or even know about the basics of what a good photographer is paying attention to.  I am always paying attention to the ISO, the aperture, the shutter speed, the type of light, the amount of light, focusing just to name a minimal few.  The average person pays no attention to these things being done behind my lens. Again it takes work, skill and talent!  And, that's just creating the image, we still have post editing to deal with.  For those who don't know, this is a simple estimate of "1" shoot. 


-Pre Sales (2 Hours)

-Preparation of Equipment (3 Hours)

-Day of Shooting (3-11 Hours)

-Post Processing (2-4 Hours)

-Retouching Images (4-16 Hours)

-CD/Album Making (4-16 Hours)

As you can see, a lot of time goes into a shoot. If you total the hours alone, it is more then 24 hours of work and I'm going light on the time.  I'm not including the money that has to be spent to make sure your shoot is professional either.  It takes a craftsman to handle al these obstacles with ease, enough for you to utter the words "It's Just Pictures"... HA!

A photographer is a craftsman, an artist.  We are historians who capture moments in time in which if it were not for us, you would have never seen or have been able to hold on to.  We are to be respected and held in equal regard across the board, for if it were not for the photographer, the exposure you gain my dear, models, entertainers, media and the alike, you would have no visual platform.  BTW, we gave birth to video, so don't try it.  Salute the photographer and stop trying to make us work for free!

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Forced to work in Queens, I came across a young vivacious brother named AMAZIN.  Real, cool and down to Earth, we clicked and formed a good relationship.  As I got to know him, I learned that he was not only a rapper but a boxer too!  Good all around dude to know, we started talking business. To show him what I was capable of I designed two CD covers for a mix tape he was working on.  He liked my work and talks of working together was on the way.

One day he invited me to a photo shoot through a marketing company he was working with.  I went along and met his friend and hype man Ray, also a real cool brother.  We rode to the spot from Brooklyn where they scooped me up and listened to non stop AMAZIN music as we traveled uptown.  Definitely a talented unsigned MC to be reckoned with.  A lot of talent, a lot of experiences and a lot of vision in this Queens native.  I was moved by the tunes bopping my head as we pulled up to a Manhattan garage to park up.  The shoot was nice!  There were other performers, make up artists, stylist, other photographers  all through the venue as everyone got prepared.  This was my first shoot of this magnitude so it was a big deal for me at the time.

Once I completed editing my work, I gave AMAZIN a CD which he liked and that sponsored off more brainstorming and projects to come.  We then worked on two videos a few a photo shoots there after.  I made this background originally for his Twitter page.  Look out for him people, this is the type of brother that could take the radio airwaves by storm!  Below are his Youtube and Twitter Links, check his work out!




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Graphical Jordan Growing up in Brooklyn in the early 80's, it was always about style and looking fresh, whether you saved lunch money that your parents gave you, went boostin or caught somebody on the A trin late night, you stayed fresh!  And no matter how far we strayed, NIKE always played a large part in urban footwear throughout the years.  I always loved my Jordans.   I remember getting the 3's as my first pair and was ecstatic when I got them as a gift.  They were so comfortable and light plus, YesSir, I was looking F.R.E.S.H. as Doug E Fresh use to say.

Today, I still try to get my hands on a pair of fresh Jordans although my focus is photography.  So, I decided to create this image as a combination of to things I "paid" a lot of mind to growing up as a child and now as a man.  I was playing with graphic editing around this time in my early stages, so the Jordan man had to emerge.  I was open when I originally created this, all I gotta say is "PEEP the SHADOW!"...LoL!

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SHAKEN but NEVER FALLEN! January 1st, 1804 was the first memory I had when it came to Haiti.  On January 12th, 2010, that memory was accompanied by one of horror!  I hated the sound of this surreal event as it came across the airwaves that Haiti was hit by an Earthquake which shattered my parents precious home.  I was home learning how to create wraps on Photoshop a the time.  I created this wrap in tribute to our fallen in hopes it would inspire those of us who were affected both mentally and physically to hold our head high and keep it moving!  After all, we survived enslavement, sent he French and Spanish running and we still stand!  We will not die, we will survive!

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G+, AHEAD of the PACK! I remember last year when Google Plus (G+) first came on the scene as the ultimate new social site. I was on a few a social sites at the time, all of them in the background actually.  There was an underlying competition between G+, Facebook and Twitter going on for a little while after G+ came on the scene.  After joining, I realized G+ was a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Skype plus more!  As far as features, G+ holds the title in my book, though I couldn't understand why a lot of people didn't make the switch especially since there was so much down talk about the changes made to Facebook.  Anyway, realizing that their was a need for some advertisement, I decided to help G+ along and create this add as a joke based on a video I saw on Youtube once.  I had fun creating it, hope you have fun viewing it! :)

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2012 Film Festival Experience BlkAGRaFiXxX Photography I got a chance to shoot for Floss Magazine.  I was invited to the 2012 UrbanWorld Film Festival and it was great!  I got a chance to meet a lot of writers, directors, actors, models and a whole lot of celebrities.  It was a great opportunity to network and see what takes place behind the scenes.  U know I loved seeing Gabriel Union and her pretty self in person! lol


If you want to see the rest of the pictures I took, check the link below.

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I saw a picture one day on Tumblr which inspired me to remake.  The picture was of 2 couples sitting on a bench, with each member, of each couple interacting with a member of the opposite couple.  This pict was of kids and spoke to me.  In my field of work (teaching), I see this a lot.  I thought of different things I saw in the image and things I wanted to see which inspired me to remake it.  The things we all see occur yet so taboo to speak of.  The thought of being so daring as to cheat right infront, or in back of your partner.  The relationship the couples share to each other as couples, the individual relationships.  Our culture, our society, right, wrong, free, love, slave, desire, lust, intellect...So many things to see in this one image.

 I was happy to be able to put together a shoot with multiple people and it come off as a success.  I couldn't have pulled this shot off with out the help of Evie (Yvette) from Millennium Photography.  She put the call out and the models came and produced.  "Natural Ambiance"

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Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have gotten a free historical tour around Lower Manhattan.  I was blessed with this opportunity because I ran into a long time brother and companion of mine.  A childhood friend.  This is one of the dudes in your life who always comes through when it isn't expected.  A pure righteous heart who loves fearlessly.  His family is the same, strong passionate and righteous.  I love for them all.  I've known this brother for decades and he has always been a good friend to have at your side and today that still stands true!  

I was walking around Manhattan, the Wall Street area, looking for a some landmarks to capture behind my lens. I had an assignment given to me recently that I wanted a head start on.  As I left the World Trade area, I saw a building that caught my eye.  It was the only building on the block that was white and gold.  As I approached the building, I heard a faint call to my left.  I quickly glanced and saw Tony approaching me with a big smile and a PEACE sign in the air.  I was ecstatic!  It was good seeing him in good shape, despite the sling on his right arm.   (Yeh, this guy works out vigorously, a beast!  So he goes hard at everything and anything he does becomes a wrk out, so I quickly walked towards him and greeted him.  We walked back to his tour bus and he immediately offered me a tour.  I was good with that!

As we traveled around Manhattan, all of what I was seeing became a completely new world.  The history of each road we traveled and surrounding landmarks wer being revealed as I gazed out the tinted window of his tour bus.  Although I lived in NY all my life, I felt like a tourist for those few hours.  I learned so much on this adventure and it felt good seeing someone close to me submerged in the history of the land we live in sharing as we use to so often in the past.  I visited, sites, parks, buildings, piers and Taverns I never knew of, even passed streets which aren't on our NYC maps.  At the end of the tor, I received a free pass to hop on the water Taxi, what a day!!  It was a great day on so many levels, thanks to my brother Tony.  Shouts to my man 50 Grans as they say.  Love is Love!






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Although, I hardly ever get to see much of my family, time and distance dont have an affect on some of the relationships we have in life.   I have family that isn't my family, some even possible enemies.  I also have friends who are family that love me so much that they would take a life in my honor.  Family is merely a term, it is family action that actually makes the word family a reality.  There are some people in life who regardless of how you may have mistakenly treated them in the past, possibly gone through crazy worlds with them, not see them often or just the regular ups and downs of life, you can always count on the fact that they will remain the same and be there.  Being is important, it is existing.  For a person to continuously be or exist in your life is a beautiful life support system and it is to be cherished.  Your relationship is holy, untampered with, full strength, not diluted or mixed.  These are the people you hold on to.  Many of us grow up thinking about what others think of us for befriending or being interested in certain people.  Remember that this is your life and your choices dictate your reality, not the choices of others.  I gotta give a shout out to my Bruzin Ed for remaining himself regardless of the times and still holding strong regardless of what curve balls life throws at him and my cousin Chris for taking life as a clean slate of happiness to enjoy.  I learn from them both. It's a pleasure to see smiles on their faces and to know I have "FAMILY".

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OLD YOUTH BlkAGRaFiXxX Photography


I was on my way home from the City Hall Area. I was looking a painting on a wall of the Brooklyn Bridge.  As I turned to left to proceed walking, low and behold, this is what I see!  I quickly pulled out and shot.  I was amazed to see this, i guess since it isn't common, however I admired the fact that a man that age, decided to live as he did as a child, enjoying life, having fun, exercising and getting to his destination simultaneously.  Peace to the Old Youth, a beautiful state of mind.

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Coming home one night on the Belt Parkway, I was a passenger rolling in and out of sleep.  I suddenly felt this enormous amount of heat.  I quickly looked up and saw a van burning on the side of the road.  We were driving on the right side of the road, so we were the closest lane to the blaze.  I have never felt heat that hot, I could only imagine what those who were in the vehicle initially felt.  As we passed the van, I wanted to pull over to make sure the family wasn't still in the van, however as we passed, i noticed a family of 5 safely out of the vehicle on the phone while hearing sirens on their way.  Was a crazy sight.  Glad the family is alive to tell the tale.

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So I'm in the process of shooting and had to stop a minute to adjust my aperture.  As I looked up, I caught movement in my peripheral vision and quickly glanced only to see what looked like two pigeons having a conversation with each other.  It was hilarious!  I watched for a while and both models quickly took notice to what I was observing.  I had to share.  It's funny to see nature's creatures impersonating humans!...LOL!

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FUNNY FANS BlkAGRaFiXxX Photography


While engaged in a photo shoot at Canarsie pier, these guys were shouting "YEH", "SEXY" etc from their boat.  Every time I thought they were done, they started to shut again....Had to keep it professional and ignore them, however they were funny as hell!

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Just for the Love of It! BlkAGRaFiXxX Photography


Sometimes things come to you as blessings in disguise.  Sometimes these blessings come unexpectedly.  Sometimes they come when we least expect it. Sometimes, they come all wrapped in to one!  This is a brother I grew with.  Back then, Dave was a model growing up in obstacle filled Brooklyn, today he is an actor as well as a photographer who has traveled and was fortunate enough to broaden his scope.   Although we lost contact, we were both able to venture out and pursue education, both formal and informal, families and new life experiences including the love for photography.  Unexpectedly after years, he hit me up one day offering his assistance on my next shoot.  His objective was simple, to give back and to have fun.  In other words, a blessing.  A pure heart with the love of photography and those he holds regard for.  I gotta say, I definitely appreciated his help!  The shoot was great and the energy was on point!  I learned a lot that day and I hold the experience dear.  As a photographer, many others in the field tend to view photography as a competition.  It is always refreshing to find someone who appreciates the art!


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BlkAGRaFiXxX Photography

I was so pleased watching my former students walk across the the stage today.  If I were that type of guy, it might have brought a tear to my eye lol. It's a beautiful feeling to know you have touched the lives of those who are successful in life knowing you hand a hand in them arriving there.  I was so pleased to watch success float across the stage.  This is the first of many successful events in your lives and I am happy to have shared this one with you. I know I will see even greater accomplishments in the years to come.  I salute you young men and the love is the same.  Keep it up, I support you!  Mr. P



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BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy

I have been shooting for some time now and one question I am always asked is; "Do you have a website?" and unfortunately up until now, my answer has always been no.  I didn't see the big deal until I gave myself some time to think and ponder. I have been on so many websites in the past and never took the time out to invest all that energy into my own.  Today is a new day.  I have been working on this site a for a little while now and I am happy to be able to say I built this site from the ground up.  It is lke my baby and I promise to be a good parent.  Welcome to my world of photography.

BlkAGRaFiXxX PhotoGraphy

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