Photography isn't easy, nor is it inexpensive, however it is my dream.  A dream that came to me as it tiptoed into my finger tips. Through my years, I have come across many people who admired my work and wished they could support me and my talent in some way. They wanted to see me share my work with the world and watch the world respond to my art.  Like them, I did to and the desire is the same. I have also learned that no man is an island and everyone needs help sometime. 

In my past, I hated asking for anything. I don't know if it was my ego or my pride, however today I have learned to put that to the side. People have asked me for many things in life and since the universe is about balance, I figured it was ok for me to be on the other side of the fence for a change. Today,  I am willing to accept help wherever I can. To be the best, it takes the best equipment as well as talent and hard work, however the best equipment cost. For those of you who took the time to pass by website, follow my work or just want to be supportive, now there is a way you can do that. I have a little button below that will guarantee direct help towards the current project I am working on. Please, feel free to leave a small donation if you can and it will be greatly appreciated.